This was an interesting one; we were not too worried about falling off! We undertook work on installing an FireStone EPDM roof on a houseboat.

Roof in Putney

This new build was ready to go. The builder had insulated the roof with 120mm insulation and an OSB deck. EPDM is great for sealing gullies, which often leak if sealed with traditional felt.  

Roof in Maidenhead

RubberCover can be used on sloping roofs. This garage in Maidenhead looks great………….. and no more chippings rolling off the roof and blocking the gutters. 

Detached garage

Straightforward detached garage in Aylesbury. Very simple to install.  

Brixton School

This was quite a complex roof on a school in Brixton ……… and we got our ladder pinched !! 

Dormas in Hazlemere

A typical residential install. Firestone RubberCover is perfect for this type of job.